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It has been pointed out to me that my photos had not been visible. I sincerely apologise for this error caused solely by my poor computer skills. still, i learn fast and found another way round my problem. it might be simple to some of you but to me it was a David and Goliath struggle !!!     11/02/2012

I am just starting on the WFF journey, I have worked a few of the activated stations and then made up my mind to have a go myself.
As you can see from other parts of this site, I have enjoyed portable operations for some time and it seemed a good idea to start activating  WFF areas and enjoying some of the wonderful scenery that exists in the world.
So on this page I will post the photos of my activations. I hope you like them

GFF154  Activated 2nd August 2011 1345 UTC to 1545 UTC

Blakeney Point Nature Reserve

IOTA EU-005                            Worked All Britain TG04

One of the problems of activating this area was carrying the batteries over the shale,so I only took one with me. This is why I could only operate for 2 hours before the battery voltage decayed.
For some activators this must be a real problem especially if there is a long walk to reach the site. So please please remember this when you are calling and only call when asked. QSO's are lost when so much of the available power supply is wasted trying to control the pile ups. Always listen before calling and only give your callsign once.
I would also extend my grateful thanks to my long suffering XYL for her help in carrying some of the equipment. Fortunately, we only had to move the station a very short distance to be with in the Reserve. in fact on a quiet day it should be possible to park your vehicle on the car park and technically be within the boundary of the site as long as you park close to the entry sign !!!

blakeney point 1

blakeney point 2
                blakeney point 3

The above photos show the ridge of shale that forms the Blakeney Point Nature Resort taken from the nearby main road. This ridge of shale is all that protects large areas of the coast from flooding. it is entirely natural and is growing all the time. The tides mean that every year it extends westward

Blakeney point sign

This sign indicates the start of the Nature Reserve

View west along the beach                  Cley Village from the point

Walking along the shale ridge towards the point and then looking inland towards the village of Cley

view west inland
This view is looking west and inland from the ridge

looking west as we were leaving
A last look along the ridge before departure


GFF069  Activated 3rd August 2011  1400 UTC to 1645 UTC

Holme Fen Nature Reserve

IOTA EU-005      Worked All Britain TL28

For this activation I was lucky that 2 roads run through the reserve so I was able operate from my Camper Van and to put my log directly onto the computer. This saves so much time at the end of the day. A convenient gate post provided support for my fibreglass pole.
This reserve I discovered is thickly forested when I went for a walk, and soon after I took these initial pictures there was very heavy rain and the light levels dropped considerably, I will revisit this site as it is so easy to operate from and take some picture from the interior of the woods. it is very tranquil and only visited by a few people.

Reserve sign

view 1                      The operation point  

The station

This is the chaos I operate in, Most of the time my radio is fitted in my truck but when I have free time, I put it on the seat in my van. The equipment is Yaesu FT-817 + RM KL400 linear and LDG Z100 auto ATU.
The antenna I normally use is a Multiband Inverted V dipole at 8m fed via 300 ohm ladder line /4:1 balun.
so far it has proved very effective.

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