Mobile/Portable & Overseas  Operations
I work as a truck driver throughout Europe and using my FT817 with a 100w RM KL400 Linear. I am active, as much as possible, on all bands from 80m to 70cm
Weekdays I can often be found on 20M around 14.265 or when my routing permits on the ON0AN Antwerp 2m repeater.
Weekends find me on 80m around 3.760 with the Worked All Britain net whenever possible
Due to the size of my truck I am unable to leave the HF antennae raised when I am mobile in europe. The 4 metre bridges would cause constant damage to the loading coils. I use the WHF series of single band whips. I have found them easy to install and more importantly quick to load up.

volvo ant mount 1    volvo ant  mount 02
Two views of the mounting at the rear of the cab. Good results on 20m but proxmity of cab metal work means 80 & 40 are very poor
When I am not working, I am very active with the Worked All Britain group mainly on 80/40m SSB. I also like to activate places of interest such as Lighthouses.

Caen Lighthouse and Canal
Caen Lighthouse and Canal

Hunstanton Old Lighthouse
Hunstanton Old Lighthouse

Blakeney Mariners Light
Blakeney Mariners Light

portable tf40cbe
Portable from Wisbech

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