This site relates to the amateur radio operations of  
   M3OVL / 2E0OVL / M0OVL

(and any other countries I get to)

Sandpiper 2 ele HF Beam

Sandpiper 2ele HF Beam set for 20m
In background 4ele 2m yagi + 2/70cm collinear

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Worked All Britain Book Numbers
16627,17024,17026/7/8/9,17151/2,17328/9, 173331/2/3, 18205/6/7/8/9, 18223/4/5/6/7, 18826/7

Member of

 Radio Society of Great Britain

 Chiltern DX Club

Flatlanders Contest Group

  Wisbech Amateur Radio and Electronics Club

European PSK Club   No 2490

BARLS (British Amateur Radio Lighthouse) No 381

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